Running’s Most Popular Day

According to Running USA Thanksgiving is running’s most popular day with more than a million participants across 1,000 trots nationwide. Turkey trots bring out runners and non-runners alike who join family and friends before indulging on their Thanksgiving feast. We have participated for several years in the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot which brings out 40,000 trotters.

Why are turkey trots so popular in this country? According to Runner’s World (excerpted below) it all started on a cross-country course in Buffalo, New York, in 1896. The YMCA Buffalo Turkey Trot – now in its 124th year – began as an 8-kilometer footrace with a only six competitors. According to the Buffalo YMCA the Thanksgiving tradition is the longest consecutively run race in the world.

The popularity of turkey trots has a lot to do with the meaning of Thanksgiving. As we turn our focus to giving thanks, we’re reminded of the many charities that are in want during this time of year.

But the turkey trot craze isn’t limited to goodwill alone. People also like to feel justified to eat that extra piece of pie. According to the Calorie Control Council, the average Thanksgiving dinner delivers more than 4,000 calories – no doubt one key reason so many lace up their shoes for a Thanksgiving race.

Even so, the first turkey trot was designed to celebrate community and raise money for youth, family and seniors at the YMCA. It was a way to bring people together, foster gratitude and promote wellbeing.

If you’re running a Thanksgiving Day race this approach it the same way. Let the miles be less about the calories burned or the free t-shirt and more about expressing gratitude by enjoying the sport while giving back to others.

The Best Way to Lose Weight

William's Sonoma Soup of the Day
Soup of the Day: 365 Recipes for the Year

The best way to lose weight according to doctors and nutritionists near and far, as well as the American Heart association, is to eat at home. We’re foodies we get it – eating out is fun, social, about trying new restaurants, convenient, and sometimes the only option. Balance it out though to control your intake of sodium, sugar, fat, portion size and the quality of ingredients by eating at home!

Food, Health & Happiness

Two cookbooks we’ve enjoyed over the past year are Oprah’s Food, Health & Happiness  (packed with personal stories and photos at her ranch on Maui) and William Sonoma’s Soup of the Day: 365 Days of Soups.

Both were gifts ~ one given, one received….share the gift of health by giving a fun new cookbook to someone you love!

Comfort Food Recipes

When you practice Hygge it’s likely you have your own favorite comfort foods that suit the weather and your mood, though if you’re looking for something new here are a few recipes adapted from Williams~Sonoma Soup of the Day (by Kate McMillan):

Williams~Sonoma Soup of the Day

Short Rib Stew With Paprika Sour Cream

Short ribs braise slowly in the oven and come out caramelized and tender. This savory stew uses the shredded meat and the braising liquid. It’s a great way to use leftover short rib meat (and if you don’t have any leftover braising liquid, add beef broth instead).

Orzo, Delicata Squash & Chicken Soup With Sage

Make it meatless by omitting the chicken, substituting vegetable broth and serving with shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano. Save time making this colorful and plentiful soup by using leftover rotisserie or roasted chicken. You can also substitute a different type of squash, or sweet potatoes.

Bon appetit!